Women of Africa Alliance for Solutions

Make your presence known, take a seat and stand out!


Assess and recognize common needs of our communities; leverage resources within the community and also bridg gaps in services for meaningful and lasting  solutions. 
We encourage community leaders and members to engage in designing and implementing a plan to address current matters pertinent to communities by emphasizing shared leadership and active participation in the process. The ultimate goal is having a voice in decisions that impact communites.  
We all have something to contribute.

Family- dynamics & health.
Youth- bridging the gap. 
Advocacy and Leadership.
Businesses- Economic Development. 
Faith-Based Leadership 
The Road Ahead  
        African immigration to the United States is mostly compelled by unrelenting economic crisis, political turmoil and the detrimental effects of natural disasters. The myth that portrays all African immigrants as less of contributors to the growth of the United States economy has overshadowed the potential that lays within the community. Though that may be the case, many are educated and highly accomplished individuals.   

        Now is the time for the accomplished professionals and leaders of communities to step up and participate in todays economic stage to change the negative perception that stifled the force of diverse, unique contributions of women.

            It has taken a decade of silence and complacency.  It will take much force to dispel the century long myth to build synergy that will have global impact.  Everyone has something to contribute, everyone!
       Keeping the vision, the unspoken promise alive for self- preservation and the betterment of others who are holding on to hope for a brigther future. 
Our mission:
To connect, inspire and equip women of Africa to create attainable and lasting solutions to economic disparities within their communities. 
Our vision:
Creating a wide network system for women to access local and external resources, knowledge and gain experience for economic growth for themselves and their communities. 
       WAAS is an emerging forum to create network and synergy within the African communities to echo a positive voice, create awareness and promote solution for pertinent social and economic issues. 

     We all have something to offer, WAAS is one of the many ways members of communities can come together to be part of the solution.  

     Our goal is simple- creating a collaboroation where communities can work toward common goals that matter to them by partnering with community leaders, City government and other stakeholders to achieve the desired outcome.     

     WAAS stemmed from an existing nonprofit called BLR ElderCare, serving homeless elders since 2008.   www.blreldercare.org  

     We formed WAAS from the sheer need for collaboration among African communities to address the issues of the various communities here in the United States and abroad.  It is a true result of volunteerisim and passion turned into action.   

    Economic disparity is rampant in Africa however, it is also significant issue among the immigrant communities here in the US. It has become critical for communities to collaborate in a manner that is result centered and organized.